Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chatterbox Pub in Midtown

Chatterbox Pub
Located at: 2229 E 35th Street (612)728-9871

Seth was way too cool to smile.

I said something to make Seth laugh.

Chatterbox Pub is in between St.Paul and Minneapolis, so, if you live in the Twin Cities, it's probably not that far from you.

The cool thing about Chatterbox Pub is that they have tables with old Sega, Nintendo, Mario Brothers, etc. games all over the restaurant. Have breakfast, and then challenge your friend to 10 minutes of carnage and mayhem.

The foods pretty good, and the prices are average. While I was there, I was wearing a pair of brown slacks and a dress shirt. It turns out, that's kind of the uniform for the employees. I was hit on for napkins as I walked toward the men's room. I so wish I would have acted like I worked there instead of informing the little old lady that I didn't. It would have been more fun.

This place could be a fun date spot or just a nice place to grab a bite to eat. I give it 7 blog thumbs out of 10.