Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fuddruckers in Southdale area

3801 Minnesota Dr
Bloomington, MN 55435
(952) 835-3833

Friday night, Becky and I went to the Fuddruckers on France near 494. It always amazes me how they can use inventory for decoration and crowd management. When you enter, you wonder through a maze of beer crates.

Our daughter, Jenny, came with us. Normally, I try to avoid bringing the kids on Friday. It' s supposed to be our date night. However, Jenn just returned from a trip to Cancun, and we hadn't seen her much and wanted to visit.

We went to Fudruckers because of a fund raiser happening at the school where Becky works. By presenting a coupon, a portion of the meal proceeds went to the school.

I had a salad with chicken strips on top and spicy ranch dressing. I really wanted a hamburger, but I'm trying to drop a few pounds. Becky did have a hamburger. Jenn had cheese covered fries and a strawberry shake.

We ran into some of Becky's co-workers. I know one of the, Tim, pictured below. Like Becky, he also teaches 3rd grade. They both teach in Spanish half of the day and English the second half. Tim's a fun person. We went to his Halloween party last year, and he was dressed as a bride with high-heel shoes. I don't know how he wore those.

We were invited to sit with some of Becky's co-workers, but we didn't because we wanted to visit with Jenn.

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