Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A restaurant named "the Local"

Becky and I recently attended Doc Severinsen's concert at Orchestra Hall (see my blog about it here). If you need a nice place within walking distance of Orchestra Hall, I highly recommend the Local. The prices are very reasonable. The atmosphere is romantic and fun, and the wait staff is attentive and friendly.

I had the Waldorf salad with grilled chicken. It was marvelous, but ask for extra dressing. Actually, I always ask for extra dressing with my salads because you never know if you're getting a couple of teaspoons or an ample amount. I hate using up all the dressing, wishing I had more and then having to wait for the staff to bring more. Just ask for extra. They are always happy to bring extra with a salad order.

Local has a nice area for eating outdoors, but it was windy this day, and we chose to eat inside the restaurant. Besides, I wanted to see it. It really is a beautiful place with lots of real wood and attractive arrangements.

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